Chat Commands
​!start - see balance
​!win - enter $100 giveaway
​!play - play casino
​!vip - claim no-deposit bonus
!video - latest ​highlights
!games - viewer games/how to play
!youtube - sub to my YouTube ​
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Daily Drops

Monday to Thursday all viewers get a chance to win the daily drop = 1x instant entry into the Friday cash prize game ‘Lightning Strikes’ plus choose their number in advance.

The winner is chosen randomly by the Nightbot after you type the required keyword into chat during the Daily Drop part of the live stream.   

All Viewers can enter the daily drop.

The Lightning Strikes viewer game is played every Friday and is only for Subscribers and VIP’s.

Winner Verification:

The Nightbot draw result is the only way to win a daily drop entry and therefor by default is final.

Click below to find out more about each viewer game.
Lightning Strikes
20 Numbers from 0-36 are chosen by viewers. These numbers are played on 20 spins of the Lightning Roulette game.  If ​a viewers number lights up and then ​hits on the wheel (a lightning win in the live game), the viewer with that number wins a cash prize.

How ​to play:

1.  ​You type a number from 0 to 36 in to the chat when requested.
2. A number belongs to the first person to type it in the chat.
3. ​The first 20 numbers that ​are typed in the chat ​are played for 20 consecutive spins.
4. If a chosen number ​lights up and hits on the Roulette wheel for a Lightning win, the viewer with that number wins the current cash prize.
5. ​If the last spin of the game (Spin number 20) is a dead round, then we carry on with consecutive spins until a live round can be completed to end the game, with or without a winner.
6. If there are no winners by the end of 20 consecutive ​spins, the cash prize rolls over to next week’s prize pot.

Lightning Win:  To be clear, the number must light up and the Roulette spin must land on it in the same spin to be a lightning win, exactly the same as how ​the live game rules work.

Winner Verification:
​As a number can only belong to one person, the time of each entry (each chat post with that number) is verified live by Nightbot chat timestamps (by the millisecond) and then all are posted into the chat to show the winner (the person who chose the number first by the timestamp).

Please note: the Nightbot timestamp result is absolutely final.
Ride or Die

Coming Soon.

Blackjack - 'Ménage à Trois'

Coming Soon.

​Youtube highlights